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Our EcoHotel at Centro de Formacion de Nuevos Mayas

CONSTRUCTION of ECOTOURIST HOTEL Construction began in May, 2009, of a new four-bedroom posada on the grounds of the School for New Mayas (Centro de Formacion Nuevos Mayas). Primary source of the funding is a Spanish non-profit organization, Cooperacion Espanola, acting under the name “Faith and Development.” The new structure will cost 219,835 Quetzales, or approximately $22,000. Cooperation Espanola will fund roughly 80% of the costs. APRODEFI will chip in about 6%, or $1720, while the Institute seeks another $4500 to meet its share of the project. The purpose of the hotel is to provide income for the school which educates some of the poorest children in the region. Because of its location in the beautiful Cuchumatanes Mountains and its proximity to as yet undeveloped Mayan sacred sites, it has the potential of drawing tourists, hikers and pilgrims from all across Guatemala and the world. It is anticipated that the new hotel will generate income, not only for the school, but also for local families who stand to gain from tourism in the area. Students in the carpentry program at the School for New Mayas are already involved in the construction of the school and are learning their trade first-hand. Other students and community members will be trained as guides for the hiking trails, some of which have yet to be developed, and to the sacred Mayan sites. Once the construction is completed, the institute will advertise through its web page, guidebooks, road signs and printed brochures. Close contact will be maintained with INGUAT, the national tourism agency. Persons wishing to assist by providing a donation towards the matching funds can contact